Barrelhouse loves to celebrate books just like you do, so let's do that thing together! We're interested in running reviews of books that fit Our Whole Thing. You read Barrelhouse, so you know what we're about. Let that be your guide. And also, these:

Book Review Guidelines:


  • IMPORTANT: Please read the recently-updated, extensive guidelines on the website before submitting.
  • Please send us reviews of books other than your own. 
  • Do not submit work to the Reviews section that is meant for another section.
  • Do not submit excerpts or essays based on your own work.
  • We prefer reviews that focus on recent (last two years) small press titles—especially debuts—or upcoming titles. 
  • We  are especially keen on books that do not get reviewed in US outlets as  often as others—translated works, international releases etc. After all,  the joy of discovery is one of the greatest joys of being a reviewer.
  • We're  interested in full-length or chapbook-length collections of poetry  & prose. We'd be open to memoirs, story or essay collections, even  academic works. We're most tentative with academic titles—not because  we're not open to them—but because they would need to be accessible to  the same readership as for any text. For more on this, again—please go  through the guidelines on the website. Send us your best—we'll give it a whirl!
  • Include publisher, price, pg. #'s and word count on the review. 
  • Include a link to the publisher's website for purchase. We want to support small presses!
  • Include an image of the cover, if possible.
  • No self-published titles.
  • We  are open to non-standard reviewing forms, but as you might expect, only  insofar as it doesn't distract from the book in question. Although they  serve as commentary on another book, reviews are still a form of  writing on their own, and hybrid forms are possible—but difficult to  pull off. Again—see our guidelines.
  • If  you are previously spoken to one of the Reviews Editors—Katherine Coldiron or Kamil Ahsan—please indicate that in your cover letter.
  • Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but please let us know and withdraw your submission if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • All accepted reviews are subject to editorial suggestions. Obviously.
  • We love you but we can't pay for your reviews at this time.

Note: if you are an author or a publisher who wants to put an ARC into our hands, query first for instructions about how to do that.