Ends on August 10, 2019

Seeking proposals for craft workshops or lectures for "Conversations and Connections: Practical Advice on Writing," our awesome one-day writer's conference at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA on October 26, 2019.

Background on the Conference:
Conversations and Connections: Practical Advice on Writing is a one-day writer's conference organized by Barrelhouse Magazine. The conference is held in DC in the Spring and Pittsburgh in the Fall, and has attracted writers, editors, and publishing professionals for more twelve years. The conference is held on the lovely campus of Chatham University, just outside Pittsburgh, PA.

About Craft Workshops:

  • Each conference includes three breakout sessions of one hour each, during which we hold workshops and panel discussions on issues of craft, publishing, community, and just about anything else we think might be of interest and value to the more than 100 writers in attendance.
  •  Each session includes at least one workshop about poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and publishing, respectively.
  •  Craft workshops are typically led by one person, and examine an issue relating to the craft of writing in particular detail. These are best when they're specific and hands-on, and they're often geared to more experienced writers. Recent workshops that facilitated writing exercises have been especially popular among attendees. 


What are we looking for?
Our primary determination about whether to run a particular workshop is whether this session will be useful to our participants. We like to say that people should leave each session with information they can use immediately. We're looking for a variety of topics relating to all areas of writing and publishing, but that one thing -- does this sound like a workshop/discussion that will be useful for participants? -- will be the key question we ask in evaluating whether to move forward with a proposal or not.  

We really want the conference to represent a diverse range of voices, backgrounds, experiences, and all things. Proposals that would help us do this are very welcome and will be warmly received.

The bad news: no money
We can't pay for you to travel to the conference, and we probably can't put you up for the night either. We wish we could offer a more attractive reward for your time and smarts and efforts, but this is a very cheap conference and we do not have money to pay panelists. Maybe some day. If that sounds like a non-starter to you, you should definitely not submit a proposal.

In order to be totally transparent, here's the deal with the money: registration is $75, and half of that goes directly back into participating literary magazines and small presses. Part of the other half goes to conference organizing expenses, and the rest goes to Barrelhouse to help us continue to exist, pay writers, print things, and continue to work that we hope benefits writers and the writing community.

What we can offer:
For workshop leaders with books, we'll have a bookseller on site, so you can sell your books to a captive audience who hopefully will have just seen and heard how smart/captivating/funny you are, and will be motivated to buy everything with your name on it. We'll promote the hell out of you and your work and your panel in the months/weeks/days leading up to the conference.

All workshop leaders get free attendance to the conference and all related conference stuff, including Boxed Wine Happy hour. We know that's not much, we can confidently say we'll offer a good time and a great day hanging with other writers, editors, and publishers inside a lovely little writer-bubble.

What Happens Next:
We'll review each proposal and will get back to you as soon as possible (probably pretty quickly -- we need to get this thing booked).

Pittsburgh, PA on October 26, 2019:
We probably don't have to say this, but remember that if you submit this, we're going to assume you can get yourself to Pittsburgh on October 26.