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Before you proceed, a note about open and closed categories. We kind of can't believe we have to say this, but we do: if you don't see the genre that fits your work below -- fiction, poetry, nonfiction, for instance -- that means we are not open for that category. Submitting your work to the wrong (open) category will result in your work being rejected without being read. You're thinking, man, these guys are real jerks, thinking they have to say all this, right? You're thinking, we're all grown-ups here. Who would submit to something called "stupid idea junk drawer" without knowing what a "stupid idea junk drawer" is? What kind of poet would send a poem to a category called "Nonfiction?" Who would submit an essay to a category called "Poetry?" Right? Right right right.

If you don't see the category that fits your work, we're not open for that thing. We keep submission periods pretty short because we're trying to respond quicker. The best way to track submission periods is probably to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook or check back later.

Here are some guidelines:

No previously published work.

Please submit only one piece at a time. Except for poetry. You can submit up to five poems. Everybody else — just one!

We pay $50 to each contributor to our print issues, as well as two contributor copies. 

So far, online contributors are paid primarily in karma. All contributors are also promised free beer, if we ever run into you in the flesh. If you don’t believe us about the free beer, ask around a little bit. We are frequently tipsy and imprudently generous.

We accept simultaneous submissions, on the understanding that you’ll tell us if you place the work elsewhere.

It will probably take us two to three months to get back to you. We try to do that faster, but there are few of us and many of you.

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Use this category to submit to our Stupid Idea Junk Drawer. If you know what that is, then awesome. Just remember to include the name of the original stupid idea, and the editor who thought of it. If you don't know what the Stupid Idea Junk Drawer is, use that link above and check it out. It's funny, we think, but there are specific rules we need to follow, and they're listed out over there on the site. 

Next, the editor who thought of the original stupid idea will review your submission for literary merit and probably also how much it cracks her/him up, and she/he will decide whether to accept or reject your interpretation of the original stupid idea. If accepted, we'll run the piece on our blog. Thanks for playing! 

One note: We shouldn't have to say this, but if you submit your "regular" fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or whatever using this category, because we're closed for fiction or poetry or nonfiction, but you really want us to read your work anyway, we will reject your work without reading it and will probably make fun of you the next time we all have a few beers together. Thanks!