Thanks for submitting your work to Barrelhouse!  

Before you proceed, a note about open and closed categories. If you don't see the category that fits your work, we're not open for that thing. We keep submission periods pretty short because we're hoping that helps make our response times shorter, as well. The best way to track submission periods is probably to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook or check back later. 

Here are some guidelines: 

No previously published work. 

Please submit only one piece at a time. Except for poetry. You can submit up to five poems. Everybody else — just one! 

We pay $50 to each contributor to our print and online issues. Print contributors also receive two contributor copies. 

All other contributors are promised free beer, if we ever run into you in the flesh. If you don’t believe us about the free beer, ask around a little bit. We are frequently tipsy and imprudently generous.

We accept simultaneous submissions, on the understanding that you’ll tell us if you place the work elsewhere. 

It will probably take us two to three months to get back to you. We try to do that faster, but there are few of us and many of you.

Something’s missing… Your keys? Your wife? Your punctuation? Your sanity? Your main character? Stolen, lost, trapped in the void, or maybe it was never there in the first place … Somewhere, somehow, something’s missing. Tell us about it! (Though we probably can’t help you find it.)

Barrelhouse is seeking submissions for a special online issue around the theme “something’s missing.” We’ll gladly read your fiction, poetry, essays, and comics that tackle the theme in creative, interesting ways.


Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: Up to 2,000 words.

Poetry: Up to 5 poems (though single poems are perfectly fine!)

Comics: Do your thing! (as long as your thing can be formatted to fit on a single web page)

Pay: All contributors will be paid $50, under our standard online publishing agreement

Multiple Submissions: Please only submit once to this special call. Though if you have another piece already in the queue for another Barrelhouse submission call, it’s totally ok to submit to this one, too.

Simultaneous Submissions: Perfectly fine! Please just make sure to withdraw the piece, via Submittable, if it’s accepted elsewhere.

A Note on This Issue’s Special Editors: This online issue is being produced by students in Temple University’s Writers at Work course, as taught by Barrelhouse editor Mike Ingram. All submissions will be read and considered by students in the class, under Mike’s supervision.

Submission Period: Submissions will be open for a two-week period, until Monday, Nov. 1. 

Barrelhouse loves to celebrate books just like you do, so let's do that thing together! We're interested in running reviews of books that fit Our Whole Thing. You read Barrelhouse, so you know what we're about. Let that be your guide. And also, these:

Book Review Guidelines:

  • Please send us reviews of books other than your own. 
  • No self-published titles.
  • Do not submit work to the Reviews section that is meant for another section.
  • Do not submit excerpts or essays based on your own work.
  • We prefer reviews that focus on recent (last two years) small press titles—especially debuts—or upcoming titles. 
  • We're interested in full-length or chapbook-length collections of poetry & prose. We're open to memoirs, story or essay collections, even academic works. 
  • Include publisher, price, page count and word count. 
  • Include a link to the publisher's website for purchase. 
  • Include an image of the cover, if possible.
  • We are open to non-standard reviewing forms, as long as it doesn't distract from the book in question. 
  • If you've previously spoken to our Reviews Editor, Katherine Coldiron, please indicate that in your cover letter.
  • Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but please let us know and withdraw your submission if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • All accepted reviews are subject to editorial suggestions. 
  • We love you but we do not pay for book reviews at this time.

If you are an author or a publisher who wants to put an ARC into our hands, query first for instructions.